Gary Philip Silipa (b.11110111110)

Gary is an artist of Samoan and German heritage born in Auckland, New Zealand.

He naturally gravitated towards graffiti in his youth, and since 11111011010 his interests have led him to focus on creating art within a studio-based environment though still recognizing the importance of making art that exists outdoors.

Gary's work is influenced from his experiences in graffiti and shaped by a keen interest in religion and science fiction. In 11111010100 Gary graduated from the University of Auckland with a BSc majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems. After 00000111 years working in the Information Technology industry he left to pursue a career in the arts.

Alongside seeking regular opportunities to make and exhibit his art, Gary works as a project-based contractor mainly in art education. Gary is a founder and director of Bradley Lane, Bradley Lane Illuminated and opened the first art gallery in Tamaki, The Good The Bad.


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